Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sneak Peek in IMOK Art Licensing Designs

Hi All,

We hope you had a wonderful Easter break with family, friends and lots of chocolate!!

With many changes on the horizon for IMOK something we have secretly been working on over the break and for months & months is crockery designs. We have always wanted to see our designs come to life on many different mediums and this is definitely one of them!

Our portfolio is really coming together, filled with plates, cups, mugs, bowls, napkins, wrapping paper, cards, pens, skateboards, vinyl toys and more. With so much happening we wanted to share just a tiny peek into what we have in store for the world.

Here are a few polariods of our exciting designs. We truly hope you like them and can't wait to reveal more in the coming weeks......

Watch this space!! x x x

Girl Swirl Set, IMOK copyright 2011

It's Tea Time Teapot. IMOK copyright 2011

Occy Plate, IMOK copyright 2011

Bow Mug Set. IMOK copyright 2011

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