About IMOK

IMOK invite you into their world – a world that says “I’m ok … if you are?”

This philosophy can be seen flowing throughout their range of quirky, and at times melancholic, collection of illustrations. This bizarre and enchanting world comes from the creative minds of Sydney and Melbourne based artists, Jen Roberts and Sandra Mason.

The IMOK team have transformed their designs into diverse art forms, including their highly original range of clothing, canvases and prints.

IMOK’s work has featured in various exhibitions, including Melbourne’s Stencil Festival 07, 2008’s What is IMOK? solo exhibition and 2009's Magic is in the Air. Their clothing can be seen on the TV program “Home and Away” and as part of the Featured Artists Collection with US label Volcom, and the Sketchel project with Jeremyville.

The story so far …

With a passion for art and an eye for good design, it was Melbourne’s strong stencil graffiti scene that inspired the IMOK team to pick up their blades and get started back in 2004. After creating hand-cut stencils, printing them onto T-shirts and selling them in a small underground store, IMOK was born. From those early days, IMOK has continued to evolve. Being sketchers from way back, Jen and Sandra began developing the distinctive and unusual characters that feature heavily in their work today.

“It is on our canvases where it all makes sense. That’s where our characters get to hang out, embracing and celebrating their uniqueness – where it’s ok to be different. It’s about positive thinking, not denying your dark side, speaking your mind and believing in yourself and your dreams. Our creative goal is to express those ideas and aspirations in our work, and to have them reflected out in the world.”
IMOK 2005

IMOK’s work focuses on the positive energy that can be found in the most unlikely of places, the fragility of family dynamics, the vulnerability of being an outsider and the spirit of caring about our fellow human beings. Most of IMOK’s artworks include hand-written text, conveying messages of hope, compassion and understanding.

The IMOK team work on several pieces of art at a time, thereby allowing their creativity to continually flow with fresh and interesting ideas and concepts.

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