Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Launching our new Website!

Starting this new year with a bang! As we mentioned in our 2010 wrap up, we have been closing our doors and going into our mad scientist mode to ensure our new website be completed for early 2011. We are pleased to report that the time has finally arrived!! Our new face of IMOK has emerged, lighter, brighter and more focused than ever. Within this exciting new site everyone can get plenty of IMOK goodness! Find out about current events on our HOME page through our easy to identify character symbols.


Posty the Post It – he is “pinned like a tail on a donkey” to remind you of current IMOK events that you need to scribble in your diary!! What a reliable but at times silly friend.

Painty The Paintbrush – Constantly brushing through, around, up and down…. this shy little guy has a superior creative side that holds no bounds. Dripping paint from his brush hairs, he’ll be sure to not let you forget about any IMOK exhibitions coming up!!

Rickety the Rocket – Buzzing with turbo energy, Rickety has a hard time staying grounded! Wanting to shoot up into space, flying through the air at record speed – Rickety is our explosive LAUNCH rocket….! His part is telling everyone about any launches that are to do with IMOK!!

Also appearing for the first time is our very own “IMOK Shopping Cart” where you can get a variety of our merchandise. From Guys and Girls T –shirts to kids wear to prints and so on - this is a one stop shop that is a quick and easy way to get your IMOK fix! http://www.imok.com.au http://imok.bigcartel.com/

Whale Trail - Baby clothes design

Imok Baby One-piece "Whale Trail"

"Make a Wish" Unisex T-Shirt

"Oobie" Unisex T-Shirt

"Red Soon" Print

"I have a dream" Print

There has been a lot of blood sweat and tears over the past few months that has gone into building this website. We are sooo proud of the end result is and now we can finally share it with you. Thanks to all our supporters, your encouragement gives us the drive to keep going!

So please take a visit through this exciting new place we have created, play through our Painting and Graphics galleries, find out more about our commissions section, learn about the world we are looking at taking on in – “Art Licensing”…. And most importantly lose yourself in a world that is IMOK.
If you stop by we would LOVE for you to join our mailing list, this will give you our updated newsletter as well as special offers and discount codes for our shopping cart.

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