About Sandra

Sandra Mason BIO

Sandra Mason is the second part of the exciting duo that is IMOK.

Born in Sydney as an only child, Sandra’s creative development began within her imagination at a very young age. Starting off with colouring in books, then continuing into drawing and rounding it out with an obsession of all things artistic, this creative energy wasn’t just a phase for this young girl.

Having this creative desire within wasn’t always a blessing. Within the world that Sandra grew up in, creative endeavors were considered a hobby to play around with, not to have a career in. The problem for Sandra was that she wanted to be creative always and not just for a hobby. This started a ripple effect throughout her life, in discovering a way to remain creative and be able to make a career from it.

During her high school years, art was a subject that Sandra had consistently through each year. What was also consistent was Sandra’s art teacher. A woman that was never fond or encouraging of Sandra’s development, constantly keeping her students small.

After leaving high school, Sandra’s creative journey of self discovery continued. Starting off with Interior Design seemed like a step in the right direction. This was not the case. Feeling depleted in her artistic journey, Sandra made a bold decision and changed her direction entirely moving into Hospitality Management. This path is where she met the dazzling Jen Roberts, discovering more than a friend, but someone that would change her life forever! Sandra also discovered that a career in Hospitality was definitely not for her. From that significant meeting between Sandra and Jen, grew a mountain of support and confidence for both of them.

In early 2002, Sandra moved to Adelaide. Still unable to shake her creative desires, she tried her hand at photography. Before making the big decision to move, Sandra had applied to a photography diploma in Sydney. The course was one of high criteria and limited placements. Leaving the decision up to fate, Sandra did all that she could to secure a position, if she wasn’t accepted she would move to Adelaide. With no real training or dark room at her disposal, it would seem that Adelaide picked her!

In 2003 she studied at the CCP School (Centre of Creative Photography) in SA, run by the most inspiring teacher Gavin Blake, Sandra finally received the encouragement and creative insight she truly needed. Graduating from the CCP a year later, she took her new found skills to Melbourne to develop further. Taking on a Diploma in Creative Professional Photography in Melbourne had its own challenges to face. BUT within this period Sandra discovered a new art movement, Stenciling! This began the first step into the massive journey that became IMOK.

In combining all of her skills, Sandra became one of the co – creators in the aesthetic of IMOK that you see today. Being lucky enough to have their style of design/art match and compliment each others so well, it was a perfect fit for their work to stand side by side as if one person had created it. So well in fact that next time look at an IMOK image, there is no need to question who did what? As the answer is as simple as which came first… the chicken or the egg?

The years that followed proved challenging for both IMOK girls, living in two separate states is only a small part of it. These challenges they face might have detered most people but it has only pushed these girls further forward making them more determined!

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