Tuesday, December 7, 2010

IMOK Lettering Giveaway starts today!

Starting today we will be giving away selected hand-painted initial canvases. These are 5 x 8 inches in size and make the perfect personalised gift. They can be easily hung on the wall or can stand on a shelf.

Todays letters are B, K and R.

All you need to do is comment on this post with who the artwork is for, why you think they would like it and your email address. Winners will be notified via email at the end of the week.

Good luck!!

All images are copyright IMOK 2010


  1. "B" for Bella, my baby cousin who is also absolutely beautiful.

    Almost 2 years ago, doctors had mis-diagnosed her with a rare genetic disease while she was still in her mothers womb, and thought she wouldn't last in the big wide world.

    Against the odds, the little angel came into the world perfectly healthy.

    The IMOK characters have an element of cheekiness to them, which is definitely what Bella can relate to, and I'm sure she'd love this for her room on her 2nd birthday coming up in February.

    Email - jenster_lay@yahoo.com.au


  2. R is amazing! Octopuses -or octopi??- are SO intriguing. How hard would it be to put on matching socks in the morning? Definitely worth a chuckle every day!


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