Thursday, July 15, 2010

"How do you guys paint together?"

This is a question we have been asked many times by a variety of people and something that definitely sparks a great deal of curiosity. So we thought why not share the moment when we decided to combine powers and actually work on the same piece at the same time.

Living in different states we had grown accustom to scanning in sketches to use in various Photoshop graphics or photographing our individual artworks and asking each other for the all important critique over email.

After developing our characters together over time, our style has become very similar and the perfect compliment to each other.

So finally when we were in Melbourne and had a spare weekend we grabbed a blank canvas and thought, why the hell haven't we done this sooner?

Flicking through my sketch book we picked out a picture, something which began as some line work and a character added later. This formed the basis of the canvas.

First step was to prime the canvas and then begin with a lead pencil drawing outline - we both draw in the characters, swirls and other elements...then the fun begins, colouring in!

We used watercolours, acrylic and inks for this work, I concentrated on the black line work at this point and Sandra worked her magic on the blue watercolour washes.

This definitely is the most exciting point in a work, we just grabbed the paint brushes and went with it. We didn't discuss it, just let it happen.

Working on this was one of those heightened moments, we could just feel that something special was happening, something that we wanted to try and do as often as we could. We named the piece "The Time is Now" because we really felt like it was!

Looking back at the process and people's fascination with how we do what we do, we realised it was the mutual respect we have for each others creative talents that allowed the process to happen so naturally. To this day it is one of our favourite works.

An amazing artist and now friend, Luke Jurevicius is the lucky owner of this work, ah Luke, perhaps the subject of an upcoming post me thinks!

So there you have it, the story of our first work together. Thanks for reading :)

The Time is Now - 2008


  1. So inspiring! Love your work girls! ❥

  2. What a fantastic blog Jen and Sandra.

    posting something you love with passion whill inspire us all.

    Keep creating and keep inspiring!



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